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Summer How To: Transition from Day to Night in One Outfit - Part 2 / Casual Day to Formal Night


Coming up with one outfit is sometimes difficult, so putting together two outfits in the same day can be a little challenging. Not to mention if you are going to be out all day long. That is why mastering the art of transitioning an outfit from day to night is more than vanity — It's a time and effort saving skill! Plus it it’s the perfect way to bring out your inner fashionista. In Part 1 of this 3-part Summer Fashion How-To Series, we laid out the keys to mastering transition — things to consider and ideas for transitioning. If you have missed it, you can read Part 1 here. In Part 2, we look at dressing up specifically for starting out from a casual, low-key half of the day and then stepping into a formal night time event. 

Let's get started!




Most of the time, my day goes by on a very casual note. I don’t have any special event or meeting during the day, so I like to dress casually. One thing I don’t like doing is completely changing my outfit. That is why an outfit that can easily be transitioned from day to night is the key, which I refer to as the foundation piece throughout this series. It is important that you spend some time shopping or picking the right foundation piece. I would personally suggest that you go for a one piece just because it’s easier to work it. Maxi dresses and jumpsuits are two of the things I love to work with because they are great for both casual and formal occasions. 

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses can be tough for petite women and short girls. This floral maxi dress from Top Shop has a midi length and a beautiful wrap style so you easily adjust for more or less coverage according to each event. Its floral prints is great for day time. When you accessorize it properly it will be a great choice for a formal event.


Another great foundation piece is the white-and-black Madeline Jumpsuit from my design. I love the combination of black and white. The ruffle detailing on the top adds a feminine touch to this jumpsuit and bust to petite women. Because it’s overall quite simple, you can easily wear it during the day without looking too out of place.


Chunky Heels

A pair of chunky heels are the best both versatility and comfort. They are super easy to move around in so you stay comfortable throughout the day. It is a little less formal than stilettos. And with a little bit of detailing such as straps, studs, or tassels they work amazingly with any formal night outfits.



Once you have the foundation piece all set up, then it’s all about accessorizing it the right way. These accessories are going to play a major role in transitioning your outfit, so give a lot of thoughts into them.


A white blazer over both the maxi dress and jumpsuit during the night formal event is an excellent choice. The T Tahari Women’s Hadar Blazer is one of my favorite as it really helps in giving my outfit that formal vibe it needs. Adding a blazer over a day time dress or jumpsuit instantly sparks up your look. Another affordable option is this Landsend sporty blazer.



Casual Day // For day time, I prefer to carry a large tote bag because it allows me to keep all the important essentials I (and my 11-month old) need. I can easily squeeze in my white blazer and a small clutch (to go with my night outfit) in this tote bag. A large canvas bag like the one from Warehouse is perfect for transitioning during the summer as it goes well with both the maxi dress and jumpsuit. Plus, it gives me the freedom of carrying it in two different ways.

Formal Night // As mentioned earlier I prefer to go for a small clutch because you can carry it in a big tote during the day without adding too much weight. Once you get to the event at night, you can always ask the hostess or coat check to store you large tote. A straw clutch is an absolute beauty for the summer!


Sunglass is by far your best accessories when you need to dress your whole look up or down. If the casual day event is outside, you would need a pair of sunglasses. I like keeping it simple which is why I go for Ray Bans. It is the classic and never go out of fashion. If you have a small face, an over size frame can add extra drama and glamor.



Eye Brows

If there is one facial feature that you cannot go without tending, it is your eye brows! Well groomed brows will set up your whole face. So take care of them often and you will not need as much eye make up. When my brows are defined and prepped (I need to draw them everyday since I have very little brow hair since born), I put on one (or two when I have time) layers of macassar. Then I am all set with eye make up.

Lip Colors 

Casual Day // Nude and neutral shades always work for day time! I like neutrals with a pink undertone to them. The Funnel of Love from Ilia Beauty is my favorite! It is made of organic ingredients with a creamy semi-matte finish to keep your lip conditioned all day long.

Formal Night // Because the outfits we pick out are on the neutral end, a bold lip color will add a sense of formality and mysterious glamor. Try the Neon Angel shade by Ilia.



  1. TopShop’s Floral Maxi Dress
  2. MADEIRA Madeline Jumpsuit in White-Black Color Block Style
  3. Loeffler Randall’s Hana Studded Leather Gladiator Sandals
  4. Loeffler Randall’s Tassel-Detailed Luz Sandals
  5. Warehouse Stripe Canvas Shopper Bag
  6. Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses
  7. Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Neon Angel (Magenta)
  8. JNB Straw Clutch in Chevron
  9. Landsend White Sporty Blazer
  10. Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Neon Angel (Magenta)

Images are courtesy of the respective brands and product websites.



Posted on 03 August 2016

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