Mom Knows Best — Wisdoms That Shaped These Petite & Mighty Women's Career and Life


The hard work and wisdom that a mother imparts on her children is often the key ingredient that goes on to shape their world view and success, in career and in life. 


Even thought I have always appreciated my mother, I never thought that it would be possible to appreciate her even more until I have become a mom myself. I can see clearly now and feel in her shoes why she did some of the things she did for me and my brothers. A mother's love is truly unconditional!  


So to honor this Mother's Day, we asked our short girl community to share the No. 1 piece of wisdom from their mothers that have shaped and positively impacted their lives. Here are the highlights from 3 petite women of very different walks of life and career paths:


Rachael Takesaka


Founder and CEO of Creation Movement

Rachael-Takesaka-Mom-Knows-Best — Wisdoms That Shaped These Petite & Mighty Women's Success. MADERIA Blog - Petite Women's Clothing

Baby Rachael and her mother. You can feel the love and pride radiating from Rachael’s mom.


I am always amazed by the videos Rachael shares on her Facebook page, in which she candidly and bravely opens up and talks about her personal transformation — from physical to mindset transformation. 

This sassy and proud 5’3” has found her calling as a personal coach, which is not surprising at all when you hear about the immeasurable wisdom her mother imparted on her during this one (and many more) childhood experience —


What’s the #1 wisdom from your mom that has shaped you most?


Kindergarten was a tough time for some people. You know the ABCs can be a real game changer! It was especially hard for my friend Alicia whose house was burned down. I saw my friend in such despair; she literally lost everything even her new kitten. When I got home that day I played with my favorite toy — this little set telephone — knowing it would be the last time I would.

It made me smile and the next day it made her smile. My mom and I gave her family the toy telephone wishing them well and knowing that in the hotel room that night their daughter would have something to play with. It may have not been that day but it wasn’t long after I can remember my mom teary eyed explaining how proud and shocked she was that I wanted to do that.

Now this may have been the first experience I remember that my mother so candidly encouraged a thought process of giving above and beyond but it was not the last. She encouraged me to understand how others felt. She constantly showed me that by doing so and selflessly giving I would be a much happier person. This empathy has impacted my life perception so deeply that my entire business surrounds and encompasses understanding what others are feeling. Showing myself and others no matter what, we are never alone, never fully lost, and never ever hopeless.


How are you celebrating this Mother’s Day?


My loving sister and I are going to sneak over to her house and surprise her with some fun in the sun (or hopefully) and brunch.


Rachael is the CEO/Founder of Creation Movement, where she helps driven professionals transition from surviving to thriving in their business, life, and health.
You can find out more about Rachael on the following:




Stacie Chan


Global Product Partnerships Manager, Google

Stacie-Chan-Mom-Knows-Best — Wisdoms That Shaped These Petite & Mighty Women's Success. MADERIA Blog - Petite Women's Clothing
Like mother like daughter — both wearing zebra print outfits, Stacie and her mom celebrated Mother’s Day early this year over tapas in L.A. Stacie was wearing our zebra ruffle cropped dress available here.



You may recognize Stacie as she has modeled many of my designs or from her previous Short Girls Crushing It interview here. This petite woman is thriving in her career. From solo-preneurer as a journalist for’s Redwood City region, to leading Google’s global product partnerships, she attributes her success to this one very important piece of advise from here mom:


What’s the #1 wisdom from your mom that has shaped you most?


My mom has worked her tail off for the past three decades to support her family. That meant working at high-stress jobs that didn’t always bring the most daily satisfaction. Which is why when I was young, she constantly told me to find a job and career that I loved. I deeply internalized that advice and have followed it throughout my career. From acting to journalism to technology, I have loved every job that I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful to my mom for this advice, and for being an amazing support system throughout my various jobs. 


How are you celebrating this Mother’s Day?


I took my mom out to a tapas restaurant in LA for Mother’s Day. It was nice to spend an evening just her and me, and catch up on life. Coincidentally, we both wore zebra-themed attire!




Kerry Lyons


Founder of The Imperfect Life®

Kerry-Lyons-Mom-Knows-Best — Wisdoms That Shaped These Petite & Mighty Women's Success. MADERIA Blog - Petite Women's Clothing

Kerry’s mom lovingly and patiently swinging little Kerry to fly higher and higher, in career and in life.


Kerry and I met on a business school program for savvy and compassionate online entrepreneurs. Although we have never met in person, I can feel her positive energy and can-do attitude through our communication. She is always eager to help even not knowing whether something will come to fruition or not. Now I completely understand where she got this massively useful mindset from:


What’s the #1 wisdom from your mom that has shaped you most?


It’s hard to pinpoint one singular piece of wisdom my mom’s imparted on me to be honest, she’s been through a lot in her life and has a LOT of wisdom to share. But if I have to pull out one thing, it’s that we shouldn't worry about something that might never happen. This has helped me massively and has forced me into action at so many crucial times. It's been the medicine that's reinforced to me that worrying doesn't protect you from stuff, worrying doesn't stop stuff from happening, worrying just feeds an insecurity and makes stuff worse. Thanks Mom :) 


How are you celebrating this Mother’s Day?


I live in the UK at the moment, so we officially celebrated Mother’s Day over a gorgeous lunch with my sisters back in March if I’m honest! But luckily for my mom, it’s her birthday in May so she gets a second go at another mother's day!


Kerry is the founder of The Imperfect Life® – your quarter-life thrive guide.
You can find out more about her and get in touch with her on the following:

Instagram: @kerrylyonsco



Do you have a wisdom or advice from your mom that has shaped you most?

Share it with the world by leaving a comment below. 


Wishing all mothers and children a wonderful Mother's Day! 




Posted on 11 May 2017


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