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Jeans For Petites + 5 Workweek Looks

Jeans are increasingly common attires at work, especially if you work at a casual environment such as tech companies where suit and shirt are not the norm (we’ve got a lot of those in San Francisco). If your company is OK with their employees wearing jeans, you have so much more freedom to play with your look. Plus, transition from the office to happy hours is super easy with jeans!


But finding a pair of jeans that fit a petite woman can be challenging and sometimes exhausting — hem is too long; the butt fits you but the waist is too big; knees sit too low, etc.

Here are 2 tips to help you find your perfect jeans plus five looks you can model after from manic Monday to T.G.I.F!




1. Find Brands with YOUR Sizing

    It’s not you! But all sizes are NOT created equally.

    You know how you can be a Medium for one brand, and Small for another? Each brand actually does extensive research on the their target demographics to determine their own set of sizing.

    For example, a Forever 21 (targets a younger crowd) generally has a smaller Size Small than LOFT (targets a more mature crowd).

    Follow this chart for some of my favorite places for petite women jeans to find your size match. Always, check the details of the particular pair of jeans you are interested because two different style may fit slightly different even within the same brand.

    2. Know Your Inseam Measurement

    A lot of brands now actually provide the inseam measurements on their product description or detail section. Some even include them in their size chart/guide. For example, for my Madeline jumpsuit, I provide 3 inseam options because not all petites are the same height!


    So take 2 minutes now, watch this video and measure your inseam. Save that magical number on your phone so you have it handy. You will be surprised how often I hear people say they have no clue how long is their inseam. 


    3. Update Your Jeans Collection Accordingly

    We curated 5 workweek looks put together by the most beloved petite fashion bloggers so you can sail through your workweek smoothly with joy and confidence!


    LOOK #1 - Sail Throw Manic Monday with Calming Colors

    Image Source:

    LOOK #2 - Up Your Productivity on Triumph Tuesday with Military Style

    Image Source:


    LOOK #3 - Tackle the Hump on Wednesday with Colors

    Image Source:


    LOOK #4 - Anticipate Weekend on Thursday with Wine-Country Inspiration

    Image Source:


    LOOK #5 - T.G.I.F with Flare & Fringe for Happy Hours! 

    Image Source: Southern Curls & Pearls


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    Posted on 20 October 2016

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