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iPhone Wallpaper Downloads: August

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This month’s downloads are inspired by the cracking of the highest glass ceiling by the Democratic Presidential Nominee and the former First Lady, Hillary Clinton. If you watched her speech at the recent DNC, you would recognize this quote immediately. Regardless of your political view, it is undeniable that Hillary's nomination marks a historical triumph for women in politics and beyond. The funny thing is that it's taken way too long for us to get here. So for those of you who have a glass ceiling, know that you can crack it. It hopefully won't take 25 years!

Enjoy and hope this wallpaper helps you crush it this month!

Marble Background

Black Background


About This iPhone Wallpaper Monthly Download

A powerful tool I use during meditation is to have a mantra.  I want to share that mantra with you in the form of an iPhone wallpaper, so you can see it all the time on your palm. It is as an opportunity to remind you to take the time, set an intention for the day, and may be even use the phrase on this wallpaper as your mantra.

Posted on 03 August 2016

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