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How To Strike A Pose Like A Pro Blogger

Image: Tubmlr 


Summer is in full swing. Many of you are taking trips to get away or attending summer parties. Because almost everyone has a smart phone now, it is hard not to take pictures with it. But how do you pose for a perfect picture every time so you don't look like a chess ball (which I do all the time, BTW)? We can use some tips and examples from fashion bloggers on this department. 

Here are three popular tutorials to give you some ideas whether you are by yourself, in a group, or in selfie mode. We may not be able to strike a pose every time like Madonna, but we will certainly hit the "Delete" button a lot less modeling after these examples.

Click the image or its source link (below each image) to see more.

Now, strike a pose.


1. How To Pose Like A Celebrity (Camera Poses To Know)


Source: WhoWhatWear


2. Photoshoot Ideas & Poses for Girls and Women

Source: Diina Darling 


3. How To Strike A Post Like A Fashion Blogger

 Source: Fashion Infographics


Posted on 29 July 2016

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