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How To Save Time Using Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo soaks up oil and gives you an irresistible second-day hair in an instant. If you’ve never used it, it is a serious life saver! It allows you to keep your hair looking and feeling clean even when you haven’t washed it in a few days. It also gives you a boost of volume and texture with little effort. So why not capitalize it for your busy days to get out of the door faster.

Here is a tutorial from from Jacqueline Bush, renowned celebrity hair stylist, on how to use dry shampoo correctly.

After that, check out Esteé Lalonde's video and our list on ways you can use dry shampoo to save time.

Warning: may cause productivity!


How To Apply Dry Shampoo Correctly

 by Jacqueline Bush on HowcastCareStyle

Ways To Save Time With Dry Shampoo

 by Estée Lalonde

1. Keep It Fresh

When your hair are greasy and you are short on time in the morning, after the gym or just don't want to wash your hair everyday.


2. Add dimension 

Freshly washed hair and some hair (like mine - Asian hair) can be too smooth for braids and updos. A little dry shampoo gives hair the texture it needs to hold its shape.


3. Hold hair up for detail work

Because dry shampoo adds body and holds, it can be great for detail work. Spray or sprinkle a little along your hairline. Use your fingers to gently work hair into waves or curls as your desire. Or add a little to the back sides of the sections you are for extra hold for back-combing or teasing.


4. Cover dark roots if you're a blonde

Dry shampoos now come in a range of colors, so if you're between touch-ups, use a little along your hairline to disguise the first signs of your natural color.


5. Keeps your bangs from sticking to your forehead

Spraying it under your bangs only will keep your fringe from sticking to the oil on your forehead. You don't need to spray dry shampoo all over your bangs — the underneath is the most important part. It keeps your fringe together nicely as well.



6. Reverse your styler

Redo your hairstyle without washing and drying, simply sprinkle in some dry shampoo, then go over hair with a blow-dryer and large brush. It'll help return hair to a more natural state.



7. Tame your brows 

Sprinkle a bit of dry shampoo on your index finger to coax your brows into line while adding thickness. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to test a tiny amount on an inconspicuous spot like your ear.


Simple Homemade Dry Shampoo


Image source:

If you are not into using off-the-shelf dry shampoo spray from drug store, the girls over at has some tips on making your own using common ingredients you can easily in your pantry. Check out their suggestions here and see their tricks.

Posted on 02 February 2017

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