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How to Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know #3 — Trench Coat

How to Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Women Should Know #3 — Trench Coat. MADEIRA - Petite women clothing
Image: (left to right) Wendy's Lookbook, ClaraBelle, Memorandom, Sazan and The Style Bungalow

About the "Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know" Series

For petite women (5'4" and under), nothing makes us feel taller than having confidence. Our "How To Look Talker: Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know" series is designed to help you get there! With just a few styling and visual tricks under your belt, you can up your confidence (and height) game in an instant. To read posts from the entire series, CLICK HERE. New post will be added as they become available.


Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know for Trench Coat

Trench coats emerge everywhere year after year as we transition into fall. It is unequivocally a classic wardrobe staple. It goes with just about everything. As Tim Gunn puts it, “you can wear it to the opera, you can wear it to the grocery store.” But finding one for petite figures can be tricky — They can be either too long or too roomy.

To tackle that, here are our 6 top tips on selecting and styling the perfect classic trench coat for our short girls (5’4” and under), whether it's a preppy short, classic med-length or the hottest long trench this Fall. Plus, a list of petite-friendly trench coats that you can get off the racks now so you can go from office to interviews to happy hours with full-fledge confidence and style!


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6 Trench Coat Style Tips for Petite and Short Women

How to Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Women Should Know #3 — Trench Coat. MADEIRA - Petite women clothingImage: (left to right) Memorandom, The Style Bungalow, and Wendy's Lookbook



  • Coat Length: What is a good coat length for petite? There is really no hard and fast rule. It’s all about proportion. But if you must, these numbers can serve as general guidelines.


    SHORT — aim for coat length falling at your hips.
    MEDIUM — a medium length can range from knees length to ~5 inches above your knees. Choose the length of the coat to be a little longer or shorter than the layer underneath. In general, having the longest layer be just above your knees makes your legs appear longer. However, a shorter length that shows more legs may not be appropriate for certain work place if you plan to wear shorter dresses or skirt underneath. So for versatility, a length ~ 3-4 inches above your knees is a safe bet.
    LONG — a long trench can fall from calves to ankles. Such long length may seem tricky for a shorter frame. Worry not! By paring with neutral color shoes to optically add a few inches of height to your legs, you can take one of the hottest trench coat trends from work to happy hours! 


How to Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Women Should Know #3 — Trench Coat. MADEIRA - Petite women clothingImage: Sazan

  • Waistline: The first thing to do when you try on any trench coat (or any coat), check that the belt (other waist-defining element) sits on your natural waist so it gives an overall definition of your petite frame at the right place. You can tie the belt either in the front or at the back without buttoning in the front.

    How to tie a bow stylishly? Follow this InStyle Magazine tutorial on How to Tie a Trench Coat – Front and Back. 

  • Double breast coat is OK: Some may say that double breast adds volume. That maybe truth if the fabric is too thick that it bulks up when you button up. We suggest that you try out a trench coat with the usually number of layers you will wear underneath to see if it gets bulky when you button/belt it.

How to Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Women Should Know #3 — Trench Coat. MADEIRA - Petite women clothing

Image: The Style Bungalow 


  • Line up shoulder seams with your shoulder bones to ensure a good fit to your frame, especially if the coat comes with epaulettes (the little pieces that sit on your shoulders).


  • Scrunch up sleeves that are too long to add a little bit of edge and toughness to your style.


  • Try out a coat with your hands in the pockets in front of the mirror. Good pocket placement should give you a sense of ease when you have your hands inside then. If the pocket placement is off (because its cut is not for a petite frame), it will make make your elbow position look awkward.

Where to Find Petite-Friendly Trench Coats (Besides Burberry)?

Our beloved petite blogger Jean Wang of has a review on trench coat that should not be missed. Below is Jean’s list plus additional selections that are more budget-friendly for our petite readers.


Style Bob 

Michael Kors

Banana Republic 

Club Monoco

J. Crew

Express This & This

Banana Republic 


London Fog



Stay tuned as we add more tips. To read the entire "How To Look Talker: Style Tips Every Petite Women Should Know" series, CLICK HERE. New post will be added as they become available


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Posted on 01 September 2017

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