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How to Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know — Maxi Dress

About The "Style Tips Every Petite Women Should Know" Series

For petite women (5'4" and under), nothing makes us feel taller than having confidence. And fashion has the magic to transform how we feel. So why not take advantage of it. With just a few styling and visual tricks under your belt, you can up your confidence (and height) in an instant.

Our "How To Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know" series is designed to help you get there! To read posts from the entire series, CLICK HERENew post will be added as they become available.


STYLE ALERT:  Before you invest in a maxi dress or skirt, don't forget to take our FREE Find Your Signature Look quiz to find out if these fashion items reflect your petite persona. You will have a much better idea about which style aligns with your personality, plus inspirations and petite-specific tips customized for styling your signature look.


Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know for Maxi Dress and Skirt 

Finding the right maxi dress (or skirt) can be tricky since maxi dresses tend to come in a longer hem length for taller gals. But with our experience of designing clothes for petite women, there are a few tricks we want to share to help you achieve the perfect maxi dress look:
How to Look Taller: Maxi Dress Shopping Tips for Petite and Short Women. MADEIRA Petite Women's Clothing
Source of Original Image: Wendy's Lookbook

6 Maxi Dress and Skirt Style Tips for Petite and Short Women

  • VERY IMPORTANT! Choose one that you will not trip on it

  • Try a maxi dress/skirt that exposes your toes to visually adds length (e.g. a high-low maxi)

  • Make sure armholes is big enough to move your arms comfortably without exposing your bra band


  • Pair with shoes close to you skin tone. Nude color shoes can visually lengthen your legs

  • Wear shoes that expose your feet

  • Balance a design that flares or has a lot of volume at the bottom with a fitted top


Stay tuned as we add more tips. To read the entire "How To Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Women Should Know" series, CLICK HERE. New post will be added as they become available


Do You Know Your True Style?

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Knowledge is Power!

Do you have a favorite shopping or styling trick for maxi dresses and skirt? Share them with our Short Girls community by leaving a comment below. 


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Posted on 21 July 2017

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