How to Look Taller: Style Tips Every Petite Woman Should Know — Starting A Capsule Wardrobes with Ethical, Sustainable Fashion


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Stephanie here - designer and founder of Madeira Brand. 


As I grow older, the fast pace of life catches up with me and I think that applies to all of us. We start to think about all the "stuff" we have accumulated, and decided to declutter, once and for all. 


Our closet is usually the first place that triggers this impulse, often tagged with a calling for a big life-style change — creating a more conscious wardrobe. Which may mean one or more of the the following:


  • Spend more on quality over quantity
  • Buy from more ethical fashion brand with sustainable practice 
  • Buy from fashion brand that environmentally conscious mission
  • Etc. Etc. Etc. 


"But where do I start?", you asked!


The lack of obvious choices often hinders our intention. Then, we end up doing the same thing out of impulse and convenience — buying without questioning. Questions about our needs, how the new pieces will work with the rest of our existing clothes, their quality, etc.


Because, that's just easier. 


So this blog post is intended to serve as a starting point if you are comtemplateing about creating a wardrobe of carefully curated pieces that fits your style, life style, with quality, and conscious thoughts.


You will find 2 YouTube channels that I love and go back over and over again for inspiration of carefully curated pieces worn MANY ways with love for conscious ethical brands. We also include tips and resources to find more channels and brands to further your rabbit hole.


Let's get started...


YouTube Channel on Ethical Brands for Petite Women Under 5'5" by Dearly Bethany


Dearly Bethany's YouTube Channel Petite Women Fashion Tips and Brands for Sustainable and Ethical Blog Petite Style Tips

 Image: Dearly Bethany's YouTube Channel



Bethany offers solid style tips with a minimalist approach for a 5'1" body through her daily outfit diaries. While she focuses mainly on brands that address the needs to treat their workers ethically, you can see how she style some of her recurring pieces in many different ways - an inspiration starting point for a capsule wardrobe. 


119,648 subscribers (at time of publishing this post)



Click here to visit Bethany's Channel



Our 2 Must-Watch Picks of Bethany's Videos
1. How to look taller in Flats  (1.5 M views) — 8 min 29 sec




YouTube Channel on Sustainable Fashion Creation by A Fashion Designer by Justine LeConte



Justine LeConte YouTube Channel Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Tips by a French Designer Living In Blog Petite Style Tips_FINAL

 Image: Justine Leconte's YouTube Channel


Justine shows you her design process and behind the scenes with a very conscious fashion production in mind. We particularly love her no-nonsense approach to telling you how to some of the practical shopping tips for spotting quality (vs. low grade) items.


424,603 subscribers (at time of publishing this post)





Our 2 Must-Watch Picks of Justine's Videos
1. How to Recognize Poor vs. Good Quality in Clothes (645,638 views) — 9 min 55 sec

2. How to Style Petite Body Type (258,026 views) — 8 min 2 sec




Tips / Resources For Finding Capsule Wardrobe and Sustainable Fashion Brands 


1. Tip for Finding More YouTubers on Similar Topics

Bethany and Justine are by no means the only YouTubers out there specialized on these topics. If you want to explore more, one quick way is to visit their channel page, and look similar channels under "Related Channels"


2. Resource for Finding Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands


Factory 45 Market 45 for Sustainable and Ethical Blog Petite Style Tips

Image: Rebecca Hawkes (@rebeccahawkesstudio on IG)

If you feel clueless or overwhelmed as to where to shop for sustainable fashion, the upcoming launch of Market45 in November 2018 may be something to keep on eye on.

This online marketplace will be featuring 20 brands that have launched through the Factory45 program, an online accelerator program that takes sustainable apparel companies from just an idea to launch.

 You can get on their list to request early access for the 2018 holiday season via their sign-up page

Posted on 23 August 2018


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