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Behind The Scene: FW2016 Design Fitting with Our 5-Feet Petite Model

Have you ever tried on something that you instantly felt was made for you? It just fits perfectly and transforms you into someone sublime. Flaws are no where near your thoughts.


That is the outcome of successful fitting for your body proportions, with everything falls on the right places. For this to happen, the design is actually checked during a step called fitting along the product development process.


Fitting is the step where a sample or prototype is tried on a real person (a fit model), who resembles the body proportions of the final customers. In my case, my fit model, represents petite women (5’4” and shorter) with a small to medium build. 

Here is a clip of my recent FW 2016 design fitting with fit model, Stacie. You can see that there are many seemingly trivial but important adjustments and considerations yet to be made to this dress. 


It includes the armholes, pocket placement, adding a split for ease of movement, , sleeve width, etc. Basically everything that is needed to make you look and feel good in it!


Stay tuned for pre-order in the coming weeks. This is the perfect dress for holiday parties and work. 



You might recognize this 5-feet tall from my website – she was the fit and photo shoot model for my Madeline jumpsuits. You can read about her jumpsuit fitting in an older post.

 I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scene post!



Posted on 17 November 2016

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