Short Girl Crushing It - An Interview with Monique Brewer (5'3")


Starting April, 2016, we are celebrating women 5 feet 4 inch and under "crushing it" doing what they love. We interviewed nine women from across industries to share their recent "crushed it" moments, career retrospectives, life wisdom, and more. Each week, we dive into one of their stories, and shared the monumental moments that have shaped their careers. Through their stories, we seek to inspire women, short and tall, to embrace their flaws and "crush it" doing what they love. This week's featured short girl is the 5'3" Monique Brewer. 

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Pediatric Physical Therapist

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

(a school district in Colorado)

"A big part of my job is to make sure that the school staff knows how to safely work with these students, and to teach them any exercises or activities that I think would be beneficial to do with the students."

I met Monique through a family connection — my brother-in-law who is Monique's boyfriend. She is one of those smart and witty people who is also humble and strong. Aside from her personality, Monique is an awesome woman for another reason (she also has a pretty cute dog).

Professionally, she is a pediatric physical therapist in Colorado, working with children with developmental disabilities or life altering injuries. Her job as a school-based physical therapist is to make sure that students with disabilities can access and participate in their educational curriculum, and access the educational environment, as safely and independently as possible. She and her students might work on walking in and around the school, participating in physical education class, and climbing playground equipment. When she is not at work, you will also find Monique perfecting her handstand or doing photo shoots for Pearl Izumi, a cycling gears company. Sometimes, her cute companion (no, not my brother-in-law) Milo, a very cute doggie, will make it into the photoshoot with her too! 

As a mom of a young child, I definitely appreciate the profound positive impact Monique can bring to her students and their families. Some times, my husband and I would jokingly say that if his brother is not going to buy Monique a ring soon, we will so that we can keep her in the family. 


Monique's Latest "Crush It" Moment

I recently finished graduate school —  went back for a doctorate degree in physical therapy, and did it while working full time.

Good Causes That Monique Supports 

Monique supports promoting fitness and recreational play for children of all ability levels and in all socioeconomic areas. The fund she raised here through our "Short Girls Crushing It" initiative will go to support:

 Adaptive Adventures

A non-profit based in Colorado that is dedicated to bringing outdoor recreation into the lives of children and adults with physical disabilities.


Our Interview with Monique



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Posted on 03 June 2016


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