Short Girl Crushing It - An Interview with Megan Liamos (5'4")


Starting April, 2016, we are celebrating women 5 feet 4 inch and under "crushing it" doing what they love. We interviewed nine women from across industries to share their recent "crushed it" moments, career retrospectives, life wisdom, and more. Each week, we dive into one of their stories, and shared the monumental moments that have shaped their careers. Through their stories, we seek to inspire women, short and tall, to embrace their flaws and "crush it" doing what they love. This week's featured short girl is the 5'4" Megan Liamos. 

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Program Manager

Varo Money, Inc.

"You don't always need to say 'Yes' when people ask you to do something."


Between 5/27 (Friday) and 6/2 (Thursday),
5% of the proceeds from the MADERIA store will go towards the non-profit Megan supports:
I met Megan through my former biotech corporate job. When my boss at the time recognized that I was overworked and had very little time or attention for tasks that I should actually be managing, he pushed me to hire help (he was a great boss). AND Megan came to my rescue!

To add a little fun to the gruesome process of resume sifting, sometimes I would read them from the bottom to get a sense of what that candidate is like outside of work. Megan listed "baking" as one of her hobbies, which means she is detailed-oriented, a planner, and a creative problem solver. What really sold me was when I saw that she used to work at the sales floor of the Gap. That told me that she can deal with difficult (and sometime demanding) people face to face. OK, not to sound like an old fart, but face-to-face skill is something that the younger generation don't get trained much because their preferred method of communications is on a device. So Megan being digitally savvy while having inter-personal skill sealed the deal for me.

Like science experiment, baking is a process where you need to plan out your steps ahead, follow a recipe, and be creative to find substitutes when you run out of an ingredient (i.e. that variable you are testing!). In fact, Megan shared with me that her goal for 2016 is to bake the entire recipes from the Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller

Tenacious, humble, and a quick learner. This is how I would describe Megan. Because she is a smart cookie, I was comfortable to even have her execute certain decisions on my behalf so I could have more bandwidth for things that required substantial amount of mental power.

Although she studied in the field of biotechnology, Megan has already jumped from biotech to electronics, and recently to banking (not to be confused with "baking")! It proofs that she is a versatile and adaptive go-getter.

Yummy Creations by Megan

If you know her at a personal level, it is street knowledge that she is an incredible baker! I am not saying it just because she makes delicious goodies. She is one of those people who have rare allergies to common baking ingredients like dairy, rice, and egg. With these limitations, she still manages to find creative substitutes. If I ever need to find an alternatives in my cooking, she is my go-to person.

Here is a small peek into some of her delicious creations - she made these colorful and tasty treats for my birthday a few years back on the morning before she came to work. She took BART, from San Francisco to Pleasanton, which is easily a 1-hour-20 minute commute door to door! Imagine what time she woke up to prep these. And I devoured it before meetings!


Megan's Latest "Crush It" Moment

Set up an advisory panel and planned a successful event for her current company, Varo Money, Inc. in just 3 weeks.

Good Causes That Megan Supports 

Megan is a avid support of the the Boston Children's Hospital  — an amazing life saving medical organization dedicated for young people! The fund she raised through our "Short Girls Crushing It" initiative will go to support:

Boston Children's Hospital 

Our Interview with Megan



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Posted on 27 May 2016


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