Short Girl Crushing It - An Interview with Heidi Kelly (5'2")


Starting April, 2016, we are celebrating women 5 feet 4 inch and under "crushing it" doing what they love. We interviewed nine women from across industries to share their recent "crushed it" moments, career retrospectives, life wisdom, and more. Each week, we dive into one of their stories, and shared the monumental moments that have shaped their careers. Through their stories, we seek to inspire women, short and tall, to embrace their flaws and "crush it" doing what they love. This week's featured short girl is the 5'2" Heidi Kelly. 

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Girl Boss & Designer

HKelly Designs

"I really feel that the positive attitude I have had through everything has really helped me create a fun and funky business, HKelly designs."

In 2012 Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she is doing well and creating a handbag brand that encourages everyone to be themselves and be an individualist.

I met Heidi on the Internet. No, I am not talking about OK Cupid. We met through a coaching program from Fashion Brain Academy for fashion start ups. While a lot of my fellow start up girlbosses (and boybosses) are in the business of fashion, Heidi has a laser focus on handbags.

She was searching for something different and unique in the handbag selection offered by most stores, but she didn’t want to have the same bag as everyone else. So she started learning handbag design on her own, working from the internet and books. That is how her handbag line was born! It is truly a labor of love.

Heidi runs HKelly Designs and designs fun and funky handbags from Kutztown, PA. Since my family by marriage is from PA, I feel a certain degree of connection with her. Her positive spirit always brightens up the room. Despite having to deal with the physical, mental and emotional hardship from cancer treatments and trips to the hospital, Heidi never gives up.

Whenever I think that being a new mom is tough, I would have to tell myself to shut up when I see Heidi on Facebook working and crushing it doing what she loves - designing handbags while having to go through cancer treatments. She truly understands that we must not take life for granted because it can slip away from you anytime. Her business not only serves as an outlet for creativity, but also a way for her to support breast cancer patients by donating some of her revenues to organizations that are working hard in that area.

You can find Heidi's handbag designs (like the clutches she is holding in her picture) or connect with her via one of these places. A portion of the all proceeds from some of her bags, as well as all proceeds from a special T-shirt design go to the charity.


Heidi's Latest "Crush It" Moment

I was creating HKelly designs while going through two rounds of breast cancer.

Our Interview with Heidi

Good Cause Heidi Supports

The fund she raised here through our "Short Girls Crushing It" initiative will go to support:

PA Breast Cancer Coalition 


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Posted on 29 April 2016


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  • Bel Fin: May 01, 2016

    Cool. Nice to hear this story.
    Bel Fin

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