Short Girl Crushing It - An Interview with Stacie Chan (5'0")


Starting April, 2016, we are celebrating women 5 feet 4 inch and under "crushing it" doing what they love. We interviewed nine women from across industries to share their recent "crushed it" moments, career retrospectives, life wisdom, and more. Each week, we dive into one of their stories, and shared the monumental moments that have shaped their careers. Through their stories, we seek to inspire women, short and tall, to embrace their flaws and "crush it" doing what they love. This week's featured short girl is the 5'0" Stacie Chan. 

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Google Search Partnerships Manager



"When you search for something on Google, we want to give you the right answer immediately. For example, looking for a specific recipe? We'll connect you with the New York Times' chicken parmesan recipe. Want to know the top Spring fashion trends? We'll show you a list from Pinterest." 


Our featured 5-foot tall this week is a dear friend. You may recognize her from my store catalog because she was the very first petite model who helped me showcase my jumpsuit designs.

Let me (re)introduce you to Stacie Chan, a Google Search Partnerships Manager, journalist, and humanitarian. She's also an Emmy nominee!

Emmy Nominee

Stacie was nominated for an Emmy for her voice performance as "Jade", Jackie Chan's niece from Hong Kong on the WB's animation — Jackie Chan's Adventures.

But she never bragged about her Emmy nomination! Thanks to Google, You can "see" her voice performance as Jade on this video [time mark 12:20, Se. 1 Ep. 1].

Google Search Partnerships Manager

Stacie is passionate about bringing the relevant information to the mass. She may be short, but what she does everyday is a tall order. As the Search Partnerships Manager at Google, she works with news publishers and technology companies to adopt new Google Search initiatives so your search experience is richer and more accurate. 


Prior to joining Google, she was already crushing it — as the regional editor of (an AOL company), she grew 19 hyperlocal news sites for them in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula in only a short amount of time.


Last year, she went to Nepal with her fellow Googlers and Nepal Rises volunteers to help rebuild homes and spur economic vitality after the horrific 7.8 earthquake struck the country a year ago. You can see my interview with her on that trip in a previous post.

Not only is she a tech savvy lady, she is living proof that brains and looks CAN go together! You might have seen her wearing one of my designs around town. Here are a few behind-the-scene snap shots (on our block in SF) for my 2015 collection photo shoot.


 My husband was the photographer.

Trying to do a shot outside my neighbor's door as she was getting out...


 I was super pregnant (8 mo) then...

Stacie's Latest "Crush It" Moment

Working in a job that impacts the way millions of people discover information. 


Good Cause Stacie Supports

Stacie supports women's and children's welfare, education and public health. The fund she raised here through our Short Girls Crushing It initiative will go to support:

Planned Parenthood

Our Interview With Stacie


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Posted on 06 May 2016


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