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Short Girl Crushing It ‚ÄĒ Nora Kobashigawa (5'3")


Starting April, 2016, we are celebrating women 5 feet 4 inch and under "crushing it" doing what they love. We interviewed nine women from across industries to share their recent "crushed it" moments, career retrospectives, life wisdom, and more. Each week, we dive into one of their stories, and shared the monumental moments that have shaped their careers. Through their stories, we seek to inspire women, short and tall, to embrace their flaws and "crush it" doing what they love. This week's featured short girl is the 5'3" Nora Kobashigawa. 

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Talent Partner

Security & Cloud Technology

Adobe Systems


"If you really want to be somewhere else or the experience working in another office, voice it. And network as much as possible because you never know where that connection will take you or what kind of doors will open up for you."



Nora is the Talent Partner of Security and Cloud Technology at Adobe. Her core focus is to connect talent with the right opportunity. I met Nora through a mutual friend at a dinner party not long after she had taken a leap of faith and moved from the Tokyo Adobe office to the San Francisco site in 2015. While navigating her new life in a new city, she crushed it at her job by bringing 130 talents to Adobe.

If you have any experience in hiring for big company, you know that bringing in that number of people is no small task. But Nora talked about it nonchalantly. In a video¬†interview she did for Adobe, she¬†shares¬†some sage¬†advice on¬†career move within a company ‚ÄĒ a must-watch!

Not only is she a wise lady. As we chatted more, I could tell that she has a big heart, and is passionate about gender quality and women's rights; just the kind of spirit our #SHORTGIRLSCRUSHINGIT represents. And, she is a foodie too!

At our friend's dinner party, we ended up dominating one corner of the kitchen talking about topics that covered from human trafficking to maternity leaves while taking first dibs on¬†dishes our friend prepared¬†with a taste of SPAM! Yes, we bonded over SPAM ‚ÄĒ Nora grew up in Hawaii. I grew up in Macau. We both have a fond relationship with SPAM.¬†


Nora's Latest "Crush It" Moment

Brought 130 new hires into Adobe in 2015.


Good Cause Nora Supports

Nora is a supporter for global diversity in technology. The fund she raised here through our "Short Girls Crushing It" initiative will go to support:

 Upwardly Global

Our Interview With Nora



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Posted on 13 May 2016


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