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iPhone Wallpaper Download: March

Posted on 04 March 2016

It's March. It's madness. 

Last month, I have been honing in my skills to gett through tough times. Between taking care of my business with I LOVE and with my little munchkin, whom I LOVE also, I have become so exhausted. So I have slacked off on the self care department.

My self care ritual include meditation, exercise, and Yin Yoga. In the past, I would set an intention in the morning during meditation. It has really made a difference in my ability to get through the day.

When I don't meditate, I suffer that day.

So I am getting back on it starting March.

A powerful tool I use during meditation is to have a mantra. I am starting a little experiment to have a mantra each month for my practice.

AND, I want to share that mantra with you in the form of an iPhone wallpaper.

My mantra for March — Life Is Tough But So Are You.

Why iPhone wallpaper?

Well, I am sure I am not the only person who looks at her phone first thing in the morning. Chances are you do that every morning too!

So, why not use that as an opportunity to remind you to take the time, set an intention for the day, and may be even use the phrase on this wallpaper as your mantra?

If you like this idea, here you go. Just click the links below to download. 

Marble Background

Black Background

Please tell me whether you like it or hate it by leaving a comment below.


Enjoy and hope this planner help you crush it!



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