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6 Petite Fashion Bloggers Who Will Make You Want To Travel

Longing for a vacation? Dreaming of a destination? I certainly am. In a previous post, I mentioned that traveling is one of my most favorite ways to get inspired for my designs. But being 6 month pregnant while caring for a toddler limits where we can go. So I have been drawing my destination envies from these 6 petite fashion bloggers, whose amazing styles will channel your next trip even before you go. 


1. Julie Siriñana of Sincerely Jules

Instagram @sincerelyjules

Style Destination: The Tropics

 Image: @sincerelyjules & Sincerely Jules


Julie Siriñana’s laid-back chic style makes you want to pack your bag and get a one-way ticket to get away for seclusion, lying on the beach under palm trees and sunshine. Think Bali or Barbados! Her style is appealing to me because it’s the ultimately effortless while not giving a dame about what others may think.



2. Hallie Swanson of Hallie Daily

Instagram @hailledaily

Style Destination: Spain and Portugal

  Image: Hallie Daily


Named one of the 20 most stylish women in the world in the Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List in 2013, Hallie Swanson is no stranger to the fashion blogger world. Her colorful, sophisticated curation of outfits carries a sense of colonialism — a sentiment that resonates with me very much growing up in the former Portuguese colony, Macau. I also appreciate that she also takes the time to include both her mother tongue, Chinese, and English writing in her blog, which she started as a means of keeping her family in China updated of her new life in California.



3. Kate Ogata of The Fancy Pants Report

Instagram @KateOgata

Style Destination: Scandinavia

 Image: The Fancy Pants Report


If you are into clean, neutral tone city chic, Kate Ogata’s has your style. This 5’2” San Francisco resident conveys the ultimate stylish San Francisco comfort. She can rock a pair of white sneakers with knit skirt and a bomber jacket in a high-end restaurant. While people in the Nordic love dressing in shades of black and grey, Kate knows when to mix in hint of color to bring out the best of the entire look.



4. Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook

Instagram @wendyslookbook

Style Destination: France and Italy

 Image: Wendy's Lookbook


The word “boring” never appears in Wendy Nguyen’s lookbook. She consistently brings forward-looking pairing of outfits that transplant you to Parisian with a splash of Italian through boldness and colors. This 5’0” tall never fails to share interesting twists on dressing a piece of otherwise usual and simple garment. She is my favorite romantic, glamorous, and independent muse.



5. Sheryl Luke of Walk in Wonderland

Instagram @walkinwonderland

Style Destination: Miami and Cochella

 Image: Walk in Wonderland 


Think Cochella with less boho and more class. Sheryl, a small but mighty 5’2” brings a down-to-earth approach to her edgy chicness. Her sun-kissed skin tone and amazing line-up of sunnies will have you fantasize the sun, and the beach, and the young coconut without the laziness. She is also a master of layering, a great inspiration for petites want to give layering some new twists.



6. Catherine King of The Southern Gloss

Instagram @thesoutherngloss

Style Destination: The American South

Image: The Southern Gloss


Amongst many southern fashion bloggers, Catherine remains one of my favorite simply because of her bold-color smile and her Southern approach to styling without sacrificing practicality. Reading her blog post and images gives you an instant spirit lift. You an always count on this Old Louisville Kentucky beauty for a welcoming style, in fashion and in a fail-proof party hosting. She is also a very savvy 5’3” whose DIY I love. Her tutorial on the Eugenia Kim inspired oversize sunhat is one of my favorite. You will not be disappointed with her unique sensibility, which has earned her many opportunities to style celebrities, editorial and advertising photo shoot.


I hope you've enjoyed this post and feel inspired by these style destinations. If you do, check out and follow one of these petite fashionistas. Do you have a favorite blogger who takes you on a journey too? Leave a comment below and let me know. 


Thank you for reading and sharing!



Posted on 30 April 2017

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