Behind The Scene of FW 2015 Photoshoot

Posted on 01 October 2015

Behind The Scene

At our FW 2015 photoshoot, we caught up with the 5-feet journalist, humanitarian, and positive energy whose achievements are anything but petite. 





Stacie has been generous enough to be our fit model - a representative body type for our design for petite women, as well as the model for our FW 2015 launch photoshoot (jumpsuit available in mid-Oct). Here are us goofing around during the shoot.





On Rebuilding Nepal

This multi-talented petite recently went to Nepal with her fellow Googlers, Salesforce employees and Nepal Rises volunteers to help (re)build housing and economic vitality after the horrific 7.8 earthquake that struck the country on April 25 (8,800 dead and over 23,000 injured). Through Effect.orgOn, she raised more than $5000 for 

While at Nepal, she and her team led a Hack-a-Thon project called #PostcardsFromNepal, with the aim to change the narrative about post-earthquake Nepal.


"We believe that, despite the horrific damage and devastation that has occurred in villages like Kagatigaon, the quickest way to help the most Nepalis in Kathmandu is to bring the tourists back. We need to combat the 'economic earthquake' that the country has suffered."


You can read more about Stacie's journey on her site:

To read more about ways to support Nepal, visit:



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