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How To: Create Flattering Looks for Short Girls, Petites and Ladies Under 5 Feet 4 Inch



Whenever I mentioned to my petite friends about my upcoming launch of a petite women's fashion line, I am so grateful for the number of common issues they share with me - e.g. cannot find pants that are short enough, maxi dress is out for them, the sleeves are always too long, etc.Sometimes, they would even have troubles finding a pair of shoes small enough (like size 5). And soon enough, we would start talking about what are the key things to look out for when you try on an outfit. 

To be honest, I am not an expert on everything being a petite women since petites come in all sizes and shapes. But, in general the word "petite" just means 5'4" and under, and I sure know what life is like being under 5'4"!

With that as the definition, half the U.S. woman population are actually petite. This is a big number that is only addressed by a small number of fashion brands out there.

So in this post, I want to share some of the tips that my friends and I found consistently helpful when shopping for a shorter people like us.



Part 1. The 5 Golden Rules


  1. “Petite” just means a height of 5’4” and under. It still comes in all shapes and sizes.

  2. The key is to create a longer body for the proportion of your size and shape.

  3. No two brands’ sizes have the same measurements. Always check the measurement of each brand.

  4. If a design is not both flattering and comfortable, be ok to walk away.

  5. Wear your garments with confidence. Don’t let them wear you.


Part 2.  Check The Locations of These Places of Your Garment



1. Get Your Bras Fitted

Petite or not, having a fitted bra is the utmost important secret to looking great and being comfortable in your clothes. Never been fitted for your bra size? Head to Nordstrom’s lingerie department. They have trained professionals to do this and it is free! A 30-minute fitting will do wonders to your clothes shopping.
Nordstrom has bra fitting tips on their website and a Bra Fitting Fundamental video that you can check out. Click the links below to visit them.


2. Shoulders

Shoulder seams should sit on top of your  shoulder bones, and not dropping down the side of your arms.

3. Neckline

Elongate your torso with V-neck. You can create the same effect by playing with layering so that the layer outside forms a V-shape. For example, wear a suit jacket with a V-opening over a crew  neck shirt or blouse. Another fun trick is to layer strands of necklaces in varying lengths to create a V-neck shape.

4. Armholes 

Armholes should be big enough to move your arms comfortably without exposing your bra band.

5. Waistline 

Line up the waistline of the design with your natural waist. A color-blocking garment dividingat the waistline enhances this effect. Or, explore adding a belt to visually create a waistline. Avoid chunky belts (unless it is a simple look).


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Did You Enjoy These Tips? Want More?

In addition to the tips already mentioned in this post, you will get ten more commonly missed tips and tricks to help you:

  • Create longer legs even with non-petite friendly, tricky hem lengths.
  • Select silhouettes and prints that enhance your body.

Gain instant free access below as a gratitude from us for you reading this far.

Posted on 25 July 2015

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