Sneak Preview - Fitting Our First Jumpsuit For Petite

Posted on 05 June 2015

After waiting anxiously for a week for my first prototype, I finally witnessed how it draped on our petite model – Stacie, whom you met in my last post. Her response was priceless and probably resonates with many petite women out there.

“I actually never really thought about wearing a jumpsuit because they normally wouldn’t fit a 5' tall person like me. But can I have this one?”

Many people don’t know that a petite body commands a different proportion and shape needs. The different parts need to hug the body at the right places - hem lengths, neckline, shoulders, in seams, etc. Any decorative elements (like the ruffles on this top that our fit model Stacie is wearing in the picture) or print patterns, need to be proportional to a petite body or it will overwhelm (if element is too big) or make her look like a kid (if element is too small). It can be an artistic and an engineering challenge at the same time.

Stacie was already thinking about how she can style it in different ways – For work and for fun; from day to evening. This is how she looks in the prototype, lovingly accompanied by my pattern maker’s cute dog on the left. 

Did you like this outfit? How would you style it?

I would love to hear from you how you can see it being styled for different occasions by leaving a comment below.


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Why Jumpsuit?

Stacie’s response meant the whole world to me. It gave confidence to my observations that there are a lot of jumpsuits out there, but only a few would really fit a petite figure. I chose jumpsuit as my first design challenge because I have heard form so many of my petite friends that they have a hard time finding a jumpsuit that would fit them. As someone under 5’4” myself, I can commiserate.

As a start, I want to make something elegant, versatile, and still comfortable. Comfort actually ranks the highest to me in my personal life. When you are not comfortable in your clothes, you cannot be your true self, which is the most alluring self you can be. 

There is still some changes and work ahead but I am super happy to see how it turned out on her so far and I hope you like it too!

My Satisfaction

One of the most thrilling moments to me as a designer is to see my design on an actual human. It is about bringing out the true radiant self under that person. It is about bringing a transformation. If she feels great just being her natural self, that gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction. 


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