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2018 Goals for MADEIRA






A very special Happy New Year to our short girl and petite community! We are excited about what 2018 has in store for us and for all the things we have mapped out ahead of us. If you know me personally, or have been following me on Facebook and Instagram for some time, you may know that we welcomed the birth of our second child, Galen, in August. To say that I was unprepared for the magnitude of mental and physical challenges with having two kids while recovering from another C-section is an understatement. So, big shout out to all the mamas out there!


With a rather difficult pregnancy and a big family adjustment, I took a break from designing for MADEIRA in 2017 because I did not want to put something out there for the sake of having something to sell. There are plenty of those in the world already. I wanted to be able to give you something that truly reflects my point of view while fitting the needs for petites.


During my design break, I immersed myself in motherhood as well as brushing up my skills by retaking a major marketing course with my go-to business mentor. Her no-BS way of teaching is just what every creative business owner needs! During the past 5 months, I learned a ton, tuned up my mind, and came away with a fresh pair of lens for running a business. I am more determined than ever to fix at what didn't work in the past and crush it!


In December, as I prepared DIY holiday gifts for my in-laws, I found inspirations from many of the fabrics from a N. Carolina fabric printer with designs submitted by artists from all overall the world. My design bug was back! So I started trying out this company and experimenting fabrics for smaller items like our Limited Edition Infinity Scarves.


So, what's coming up for MADEIRA? On New Years Eve day, I sat down to reflect all that has happened in 2017 for my business, personal and family lives. Here are some of our goals for 2018!





Looking back the burst of my excitement designing for our Limited Edition Infinity Scarves, I realized that there are more than clothes that you want being petite. So we plan on expanding our product offerings into skirts, essentials and accessories, and introducing stretchy fabrics for some of them while staying true to our core aesthetics — feminine, functional, and now adding a touch of funk! They will all still be produced in San Francisco.





Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


When I started MADERIA, I made it a mission to be more than just a clothing line, but your go-to destination for style tips as well. Petite Style Tips series was born for that exact intention. We are so excited to see that you are loving them. In 2018, one of our goals is to get more personal. In addition to having my own tips in our PST blog in a written format, we are planning to incorporate Q&A from other awesome petite women out there!


Do you have a question to ask or tips to offer for short girls or petites? Share it in the comment at the end of this post.     





Running a solo online business gives me a lot of flexibility with my kids. But it also means spending a lot of time behind the computer. I miss the in-person connection that social media can't offer. So one of my goals for 2018 is to do more face-to-face.


A couple weeks ago, I pushed myself to get out of the house and leave the kiddos with my husband when this wonderful short girl social entrepreneur, Tiffany Yu, whom I met on Instagram, pinged me for her friend's hand bag launch in SF. Attending the event not only renewed my sense of connection with the world out there, it also helped me fulfill my intention to support other women artists and entrepreneurs who are doing things that matter.



So why did I want to meet Tiffany? While her Tiffany’s resume is nothing but incredible — She is the founder of Diversability and Founder of the Awesome Foundation Disability Chapter, advocating for people with disability through inclusion. She is one of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, and has been featured in Marie Claire, Forbes, the Guardian, the Ford Foundation, the Wall Street Journal…the list goes on! But it’s her down-to-earth approachability makes you feel that she is just like one of us!


So when she told me at the event that she‘s starting her project #TalkswithTiffany to interview awesome people she met from all over the world, and she wanted to me be the first! I was like “Me? Seriously?!!” I was beyond stunned and honored.


You can watch our 3-minute video above — We talked about things that are meaningful to us — self care as an entrepreneur, world conflicts, etc. I hope you will laugh with us a little.





We aspire to be more than just a clothing line and we hope to foster connections between women. In our Facebook group for petites and short girls, the Short Girls Crushing It Community, my goal is to create and grow a community where you can meet other short girls, get inspired and have fun!


To meet this goal, we are planning to talk to some amazing short girls and petite women with different backgrounds. We will experiment with videos and podcasts, and see what works best as we go. My goal for this is to showcase YOU, support other women, and have fun! I hope to get some life stories and lessons from y'all short girls out there.


If you are ever in the Bay Area, ping me! I would love to meet you in person.




 Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


One of my favorite things to do is to connect people. In addition to supporting short girls and petite women, I love to support those pursing their passion, be that creative or for social good, and connect them to my community. So expect more collaborations and shout outs for artists like Claudia Soria (@_kimsa_ on Instagram) whose black marble print is now my favorite in our inifinity scarf collection, and for Elizebeth Ivie of the Little Ivie Cloth Co. (@ivieclothco on Instagram), whose hand-painted abstract watercolor motifs print have made this infinity scarf one of our customers’ fave!


If you are interested in doing a collabo, definitely ping us!





Creative business can get real hard, real quick hard when you can get criticism from virtually everyone and for everything you do in the world of Internet. We are doing something I believe is special and offers unique value to the world, and we should always see the value in what we are doing. But in this fast-pace, Instagram glamour-filled era, it’s easy for us to lose sight on our own sense of style and sass. But one thing I am proud of, through parenthood, is to encourage my children to be treasure and safeguard their own unique way without the fear of being judged. They inspired me to stay true to my core by showing their love for mommy just the way I am, even when I felt like I was too different and not-too-grown-up compared to other mommies at the playground or mommy groups.


I absolutely love our mission and what we create, especially when I connect with petites and short girls who totally get us and feel like our designs are made exclusively for them. So this year, I hope to keep it even more real, both for our designs and business.


To connect with you this year, I also plan to show my face and behind the scene more often. Maybe doing Facebook Live for our Petite Style Tips, some Q&A session, or pop-up events at your work. Would you be down for that? Tell me what you think in the comment session below.


Phew! This is one long posts. There are so many we want to achieve in 2018 for MADEIRA! We look forward to sharing all the new designs and fun projects with you, and crushing them! 


If you are are reading this far, you deserve a gold metal!


So what about you? What goals you are going to crush in 2018? Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram. Tag us and use #shortgirlscrushingit so we can find you easily!

Posted on 24 January 2018

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