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Sláinte! How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Stylishly

Posted on 13 March 2015

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, next Tuesday (not Wednesday - an error in my email if you received this post through that). That means there will be many festivities this weekend to celebrate this cultural and religious day – the death of the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

In the U.S., the celebration of St. Patrick’s day usually involves dressing in green (t-shirt mostly), eating and drinking heavily at a bar, and then crawl to another bar.

If you are not so into this format of celebration this year, here are some alternatives to help you participate this very green-color festival with styles.

(1) Dress in Shades of Green

Instead of wearing a solid-green T-shirt, why not experiment with different shades of greens? Try to incorporate neutral tones and other complimentary colors to bring out the green even more.

I have curated some inspirations for you hereClick the image below for more inspirations.

You can also play with accessories instead of clothes. If it’s sunny out, a hat with green embellishments like this one from Mod Cloth or this packable straw braid hat by Eric Javits (available at Saks Fifth Avenue) can make you stand out even without dressing in green.

Rather than wearing your boring emerald green-bead necklace (like you are going to the Mardi Gras) try a necklace with a touch of mint green.

If you already have a pair of shoes in a certain shade of green, wear that to accent your outfit.

Click the image above for more inspirations.

(2) Eat and Drink Green (and Lighter)

OK, usually I eat a lot. But once in a while, I want to go for something a little lighter (and cute).

So, how about try making some Green Tea Macarons or Green Tea Mochi (did I mention that I am Asian?). Miki’s Pantry has some good instructional videos for these recipes. Just click the links and see if you are up for the challenge.

If baking and cooking is too much effort. You can always make yourself some green tea. Drink it hot or drink it with ice. All up to you. With that said, I don’t drink tea much during the day.

Although drinking Guinness may sound like a cliché on St. Patrick's Day, I still think that Guinness is a very stylish beer. So go to town and drink it up.

Not a beer fan? You can opt for some Irish whiskey instead. If you are like me who don’t know where to begin when it comes to whiskey?

Here are some fine Irish whiskey selected by Esquire.

(3) Entertain With or Without The Crowd

  • Enjoy the Parade In-Person or at Home

Many major cities in the United States hold parades this Saturday. Find one near you.

For the Bay Area: St. Patrick’s Day Parade takes place in San Francisco starts at 11:30 a.m. at Market and Second streets and ends up in the Civic Center for a big party.

For other cities California cities, a list of St. Patrick’s Day Parade can be found here.

Squeezing with the crowd is not your thing? There are mellower options. You can of course watch the parade on your TV comfortably in your living room.

  • Watch Travel Shows or Movies on Ireland

But watching the parade on TV takes away the energy and excitement so I usually don’t watch any parade on TV. Instead, I love to travel and watch travel shows like, a lot. If you are the same way, you can watch all the Rick Steves episodes on Ireland (scroll down to the “Ireland” section and click to expand the menu).

Movies can be a good way to spend the day along with your now stylish outfits, eats, and drinks. One movie I liked is The Wind That Shakes The Barley. It is a well-produced movie about the Irish War of Independence followed by the Irish Civil War.

Be warned! This film can be very depressing and heavy so have your beer ready within your reach. You will need it. 

(4) Turn Up The Piper

I love listening to traditional Irish music. My husband thinks I am nuts. At the same time, he is the one who plays Chinese New Year music during weekend breakfast at home (and he not even Chinese!). So who is more nuts?

If you want some authentic Irish music but not want to leave home, there are many places to search for them. Just type in “Traditional Irish Music” on Spotify and you will be greeted with a good selection.

The Comhaltas website also have audio file that you can download and play. The Comhaltas is one of the larges non-profit group whose mission is to preserve and promotion traditional Irish music. You can also find events held by your location chapter of Comhaltas. There may be one happening this weekend in your region.

So there you have it. Sláinte! Enjoy the festivity with more styles.


Now, I'd love to hear from you from the comments below.

Do you have a favorite stylish way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? What is it?

Thank you for reading and sharing! 

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  • Andy: March 16, 2015

    Now that my wife and I have kids, we keep the celebration more in house by having inviting friends and family for an Irish feast, with corned beef & cabbage, bangers & mash, soda bread, root vegetables, etc. A black & tan or two might be consumed as well.

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