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5 Simple Ways to Bring Spring Closer This Weekend

Posted on 27 February 2015

March is here! Spring should be too. But unless you live in a warm location, chances are you are still in winter mode.

When I was going to college in western Mass, by end of January, I was already sick of the dark and cold weather.

What I found amazing was, people were in their shorts and bikinis on the lawn around campus once March hit, even though there were piles of snow out. 

I grew up in the tropics. The idea of wearing a bikini when it is still at low 60s outside was unbearable to me. But I really admired the spirits.

So, I want to share some simple actions that you can take to bring spring to you a little sooner. Here we go –


1. Start Your Day with a Smoothie

Jumpstart your day with a smoothie made with fresh winter ingredients. For example, cranberries and orange smoothie is great. It is full of vitamin C. Its bright color cheers you up. Chances are these fruits are already in your pantry.

Not sure what ingredients to use? Try these smoothie recipes. The one made with Meyer lemon, ginger, and buttermilk gives you a punch and is my personally favorite because it keeps you warm (ginger effects) and you digestive system happy.

Not sure what is in season?  The USDA has a guide listing produce by seasons. If you are in San Francisco, this Fruit Seasonality Chart gives you the types of fruits available at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and probably in your local produce stores. 

 2. Dress Bright

A pop of color always brings your and others’ spirits up.

If black is your go-to color, wearing  just one bright-color clothing item can make a big visual difference. A pair of orange pants, a yellow sweater, or a sky blue skirt. All goes well with black.

Do not limit yourself to clothing. Accessorize with bright color – scarfs, shoes, hats, mittens, or even bags are good options too.

Here are some inspirations. Click on the image or click this link to see more of them curated for you.


 3. Get out and Get with Nature 

Does the image of nature give you an “Ahhhh!” sound inside your head?

Nature can calm us down and cheer us up. So why not go for a hike this weekend? A little bit of aerobics can bust your cabin fever and do wonders to your psychology.

Not sure where to go? You can find trails in your locations suitable for your endurance on TrailLink. For the lucky ones like me who live the Bay Area, there are a lot of options within an hour or two of driving.

Off-the-Grid Picnic is this Sunday at the Presidio. There are lots of food vendors so you can always grab some food and just enjoy another sunny Sunday.

Hiking is too much effort? Go out to a park nearby and have a picnic. 

If you opt for staying home, you can still get with nature by having some bright-color flowers and plants.

Potted plants are always more sustainable than cut flowers. Better yet, plan your garden if you are luckier than me and have a yard. Even though it is just planning, it still puts you in a mindset of thinking about nature.

 4. Bake It Till You Make It!

You can make your hike or picnic even brighter with some bright color cupcakes or cookies.

Here is one of my favorite red velvet cupcake recipe by Carrot Top Mom. I usually replace the red food coloring with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice. This way, the cupcakes are a bit lighter and fluffier with a fresh lemon scent – Oh spring!

Not so into cupcakes? I understand. A personal favorite alternative is the orange-mango upside-down cake. Try this recipe on Feast on the Cheap.

Growing up in the tropic, mango was always there and reminds me of childhood and summer time. 

 5. Movie Time

Ok, for those who really don’t have an option but to stay home because of the snow, I can completely understand.

An easy way to beat the gloomy feeling can be achieved by a heart-warming movie. You can also make it a marathon!

Personally, I re-watch the same movies as long as I know which ones make me feel good. They are usually movies that remind me of summer, a particular vacation, or just purely for nostalgia.

I am sure you have your personal favorites. But if you are stuck, here are a few to get you started:


Now, I'd love to hear from you from the comments below.

Do you have a personal trick to bring spring a little closer? Are you going to try out some of these suggestions? And which one?

Thank you for reading and sharing! 

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1 comment

  • George: February 28, 2015

    My all time “feel good” movie is Shower (洗澡). The whole thing is so kind, charming, and funny. This is an excellent way to celebrate the coming of the bright colors of spring.

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