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Last Saturday (Jan 31), we celebrated the beauty of all body types in the annual body-image positive runway and music festival - Celebrate Your Body 2015. Started in 2013, the event is not just a show - it is there to make a point, the point is that we come in all shapes, sizes, skin colors, talents and we are all beautiful human beings. As someone who doesn't fit into the definition of mainstream beauty myself, this event was incredibly empowering.

It was not only a wonderful opportunity to show off my creation on the beautiful models who do not have your mainstream fashion model height, but was also a great place to meet the most amazing and humble folks ­– the designers and stylists who showcased their creative minds on their runway collections are so down to earth and graceful.

Designers of Celebrate Your Body 2015 walking down the runway to thank the audience. From Left: Natasha Harden and Virgie Tovar (Halmoni Vintage), Christopher Florendo (Patria Native Land); Thuy Nguyen (THÚY Custom Clothier) and Stephanie Yeung (Madeira). Photograph by Jonathan Fong


The Celebrate Your Body models I worked with are absolutely real, charming, and full of positive energy. They made my designs come alive! I will be putting pictures from the runway in my next post. But in this post, I want to show off the real side of these wonderful human beings.

Model Silvia Reshmeen and I goofing off at the runway rehearsal. Photograph by Keleb Walch


Look at that smile! The lovely and charming Lauren Garcia getting her hair and makeup done in the backstage, patiently.


No backstage pictures are complete without a selfie. Model, Sunny Angulo, and myself were waiting for the show to start.


Giovana (Gigi) Giscomé, was dressed and ready the fastest. She also gave the audience a reminder that  you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. 


Kearny Street Workshop also arranged a formal photoshoot before the show. Rox, you rock!


Group picture time. You may notice that one model was missing...that was Gigi. She was so ready that she was waiting for us at the back of the runway zone. From left: Roxanne Pecadeso, Lauren Garcia, Genny Lim, Silvia Reshmeen, and Sunny Angulo.


I want to give a special shout out to TJ Basa, Jason Bayani, the rest of the crew from Kearny Street Workshop and Jenny Ton from who put their soul, sweat, tears and dedication to setting up and promoting the event. They are such delightful people to work with. It is organizations and people like them who make us believe that we can always do something to level the playing field. 

Also, check out this a fabulous report on the other aspects of Celebrate Your Body on Wear Your Voice by Rachel Otis (@somewhere_under_the_rainwbow). 

All photographes by Stephanie Yeung unless otherwise credited.

Posted on 05 February 2015


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