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Summer How To: Transition from Day to Night In One Outfit - Part 1 / 4 Key Steps

Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of summer. And that means lots of parties, gatherings, and night's out! While event hopping is fun, for us busy bees, attending multiple events within the same day presents a unique challenge in the wardrobe department.

It's unrealistics to go home to change between outings. But carrying several outfits around just to change sounds like too much work, especially if we are already lugging a laptop to work. That is why I am a big proponent for jumpsuit — it makes a statement and you don't need to think about what top or bottom to pair. Plus, you can easily dress it up or down with layers and accessories. 

In this three-part series, I am sharing tips and inspirations that you can easily copy for your own style to make two looks out of the same foundation piece. And guess what I use as the center piece? It's a jumpsuit! (Hey, gotta make money to raise a kid. Baby needs shoes too!) But you can definitely interchange the foundation piece with a dress or two separates. The key is to keep it simple and stay within you color palette. 

Step 1. Pick A Color Palette

Start by choosing a palette of 2-3 colors for your outfits, including the color of your foundation piece. Try to dress within this color scheme. If you like fun or a pop of color, pick 1 accent color. Because of the eye-catching nature of accent color, it is important not to get carried away and use it in more than one to two places. Think of it as using a highlighter on a book — when you highlight everything on a page, you are not accenting anything. Instead, you make the whole page more overwhelming!

Alternatively, printed pieces can be a great way to accent. Just make sure to select a print in similar color families. It will make it super easy to mix and match the pieces throughout the day.

Step 2. Decide on A Foundation Piece

As I mentioned before, I love jumpsuit!  So I am have picked my black Madeline jumpsuit here as the foundation piece, which I designed to complement and accentuate a petite woman's figure — The ruffles on the bodice is designed to curve in such a way that it gives the illusion of a fuller bust and a slimmer waist. Speaking of waist, this jumpsuit has a slightly higher waist to make the legs seem longer proportionally. 

However, not everyone love jumpsuit as much as I do. A dress or two-pieced separates will do just as well. The key is keep your foundation piece in a simple silhouette and stay inside your color palette. Sticking within your color palette will make mixing up your day to night layers that much easier. If you opt for a printed foundation piece, then you definitely want to keep your layers in a simple color and silhouette. 

If you live in a warm climate where putting on another layer (Step. 3) will make you too uncomfortable, you can be bolder with your foundation piece — pick something that has more details or even use your foundation piece as the accent color of your look.


Step 3. Play with Layers

Since I live in San Francisco where summer is the coldest winter, jacket is a must-have. But if you live in a warmer climate, by all means skip the jacket and let your skin soak in that warm temperature! I will be so jealous!

Alternatively, if you are like me who gets cold whenever my shoulders are exposed, but don't want to wear a jacket, a scarf is a good option. It is also a great place to use accent color. 


Step 4. Accessorize

The final step is also a key step to dress up or down your entire look.

Sunglasses / For your day look, always have a pair of statement sunglasses. Make sure that it fits your face and can sit on your head snuggly so it doesn't fall off every 10 seconds, a problem I have a lot. Asians tend to have a smaller face so frames in the U.S. usually are too big for me and fall off easily.

For your night look, unless you want to look like an A-hole or trick someone into thinking that you are blind, hide your sunglass. 

Handbag / For your day look, I prefer carrying a large casual tote. A large tote is great because you can carry a smaller clutch around for your night look. If you are going to a restaurant or driving, you can then store your large tote at the coat room or the trunk of your car. Be sure to "crack head-proof" your tote if you are leaving your tote in your car. That means your tote should not be in visible inside your car! 

If your night time event has a casual atmosphere, skip the clutch and carry the same tote all day. This is the time you can even incorporate an accent color in your tote. One easy way to dress up your tote is to use a scarf with interesting patterns or a popping color.

Shoes / Your shoes REALLY make or break your whole look — It tells people whereabout you are going. As a petite woman, I have short legs. One trick to make my legs look longer is to wear nude color shoes close to your skin tone. This instantly adds a few inches of height to your legs visually. Nude color shoes is also fantastic for dressing up and down. 

Sandals (not flip flops) are great for day time or out door BBQ. It is also a great alternative for casual night time event if you don't want to wear something too fancy or formal. But if you have a formal event inside a fancy restaurant or a corporate event, err on the safer side and wear something fancier. 

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Below I have curated a collection of pieces that you can incorporate with a black jumpsuit or dress to make transition from a day look into a night time style for the summer super easy. 

In my next post, I will share tips for transitioning from a casual day time event to a formal night time party, and vice versa. I hope to see you there. 


Images are courtesy of the respective brands and product websites.




Posted on 27 May 2016

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