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iPhone Wallpaper Download: May

You may ask, "What Happened to the April Download?"

April has been an incredibly busy period with family travels and the launch of my "Short Girls Crushing It" initiative, a campaign where I feature women of 5'4" and under from different industries "crushing it" doing what they LOVE. 

With little time in hand, I had to pick my priority, which is always my family first and then my career. After all, I quit my corporate job so I can start my own clothing line while working from home to spend more time with my little one and my husband.

But notice something missing from that priority list? I did not include myself there.

There is no doubt that self caring has alway been the most important thing to me. Like what the flight attendant tells you - put the oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting others. A busy month like April has knocked self-care off that priority list.

You can probably relate, especially when you have things pulling you in million directions.

So in May, I want to make you a little digital reminder to take care of yourself first. Instead of marble or solid color backgrounds, I changed things up — blue and tangerine watercolor backdrops to remind us that life is dynamic and full of colors and surprises!

May iPhone Mantra: Your #1 Priority Is You.

Why iPhone wallpaper?

Well, I am sure I am not the only person who looks at her phone first thing in the morning. Chances are you do that every morning too!

So, why not use that as an opportunity to remind you to take the time, set an intention for the day, and may be even use the phrase on this wallpaper as your mantra?

So, if you like this idea, just click the links below to download.
Full disclosure: You will need to put in your email address. But I hope that does not stop you.

Blue Watercolor Background

Tangerine Watercolor Background

Like it? Help me share the love with your circle via email, Facebook or Twitter using the buttons below. I appreciate it more than you think!
Enjoy and hope this wallpaper help you crush it!


Posted on 18 May 2016

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